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Mrs. Shemia Anderson



Mrs. Shemia Anderson is from Caroline County, Virginia.  Mrs. Anderson attended Virginia Commonwealth University, where she earned a Bachelor’s in Health and Physical Education. Following her love for sports and education, she decided to further her education and earned a Master’s in Health Promotion from Virginia Tech University.  In 2017, she earned her post Master’s in Educational Leadership and Administration from George Washington University where she holds an ED.S degree.

This is Mrs. Anderson’s 19th year in education. Over these 19 years, she has been a teacher, coach, and school administrator in Caroline County Public Schools, Prince George’s County Public School, the District of Columbia Public Charter Schools, and the District of Columbia Public Schools.

My mission as an educator is to continue to assist our youth with overcoming barriers and challenges that may prevent you from achieving academic success. Early in my career, I worked to help my students/players focus on succeeding in athletics and academics to prepare them for life after high school.  In my current role as a school administrator, I have found that helping those students who are off-track is even more rewarding when you see the switch flip and they finally understand what they need to do to better their academic situation.  I believe that every student in Washington DC, including those who have not yet succeeded in school; will attain the academic, social, and emotional competence to excel in 21st century jobs. 




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Knowledge is Power: Anderson Educational Consulting offers a broad arrangement of support to meet the needs inside and outside k12 classrooms to support excellence in education.

Mission and vision

Anderson Educational Consulting is a Maryland based educational company which offers services in academic tutoring, mentoring, post-secondary planning, family engagement. Our goal is to exemplify the skills needed to unlock the door for today’s youth. I am committed to serving our clients with a comprehensive level of service.

The state of education is a long way from where it needs to be to promote high-quality learning. We are driven by our mission to educate and advance students of color. Our goal is to ensure that kids have the necessary tools to best navigate today’s society.

Having worked with young people throughout her educational career, Shemia Anderson finds  that students need encouragement and insight to challenge themselves to exceed the requirements of curriculum.

Our specialites

Our world is complex. We need everyone at the table to solve both technical (research, synthesis, and implementation planning) and adaptive challenges (mental models, team learning, community cultural wealth, identity, and beliefs). We continually improve our work, together.

Anderson Consulting is uniquely qualified to provide the full spectrum of Equitable Education Recovery Services to any K-12 district, large or small, in alignment with federal Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds. 

With the right technology solutions, schools and districts can more effectively meet the needs of all students. Our professionals will guide your district through the implementation process and help you tap into the full potential of each tool to support the success of both teachers and students, boost efficiency, and help meet your goals.